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The Flea Removal Process

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The Flea Removal ProcessFleas thrive in hot and humid climates, which makes Iowa a prime location for fleas and the need for flea removal. Flea removal is a four-step process.

Step 1 – The first step is dealing with the flea issue in the home. The homeowner will be asked to clean and vacuum their home as best as possible. This may seem like a daunting task. We suggest making sure that the high traffic areas get well cleaned as well as low-lying areas. Some common hot spot areas are dog beds, carpeted areas, and furniture. Vacuuming will suck up the adult fleas, which will then cause the flea pupae to come out of their cocoons and be more exposed to the flea removal treatment.

Step 2 – During this step an insecticide will be used inside the home. This treatment will kill the fleas at all levels of development. Using a professional flea removal company will help ensure that the flea infestation is dealt with properly the first time.

Step 3 – It is absolutely imperative that the animal or animals carrying the fleas receives veterinary care to remove all the fleas.

Step 4 – We ask that you vacuum daily for the next two to three weeks. Sometimes there are eggs that weren’t fully exposed to the insecticide. When they hatch, they will be exposed to residual insecticide and die. It is important to vacuum all of these fleas up.

This entire process can take up to 4 weeks to completely rid your home and pets of fleas. It is important to follow all four steps to properly and fully remove all the fleas. Here at Downs Pest Control & Property Maintenance, we know how to properly and professional take care of your flea issues.