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Methods of Termite Treatment

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Termites can do a lot of damage when left untreated. If you have termites or just suspect that you have them then it is to your best advantage to contact us at Downs Pest Control & Property Maintenance for termite treatment. Termite treatment can be done in one of three ways.

Methods of Termite Treatment

  1. Wood treatment – There are several wood treatments available. A well-experienced pest control company will pick the best one for your situation. The first wood termite treatment is Borate wood treatment. This is used to eliminate termite infestations and prevent future ones from occurring. The second wood termite treatment is a surface spray that is often used during the construction of a home. The last wood termite treatment is wood injections and foams that are used after the home is built.
  2. Bait systems – A professional termite treatment company will set up bait systems around the exterior of your home to trap any live termites. The company will then routinely check the bait systems. This is an effective way to eliminate termite colonies.
  3. Soil Treatment – A trench is dug around the building and then treated with termiticide. The trench is then refilled. This will create a barrier that will stop all new termites from entering the building, as well as kill any termites leaving the building to return to the dirt to nest.

Whichever termite treatment plan you select will be most effective when applied by a professional pest control specialist. We have years of experience with termite treatment and are happy to discuss your options and help you select the best treatment plan for your home or business.