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About Honey Bees

Bees are very beneficial to our environment. We need them to pollinate plants, and they make tasty honey. Honey bees are well-known for their honey making. They have been important for thousands of years for human food consumption. Also, honey bees create bee’s wax that is also collected by humans.

Honey bees are social bees; they live in extensive colonies that have thousands of bees in it. The colony consist of one queen bee, hundreds of drones (fertile male bees), and thousands of worker bees (infertile females). The queen lays all the eggs and is the most important bee in the colony, without the queen the colony will collapse. The drones are created from unfertilized eggs, the drone’s job is to grow and leave the colony to mate with queen bees. Drones cannot sting. The worker’s job is to care for the nest. They leave the colony for food (nectar) and take care of the eggs, protect the queen, and protect the nest.

Honey bees’ nest stay around all year. During the winter, the hive stops flying around and huddle together. They can keep the center of the huddle at a constant temperature of 85 degrees throughout the whole winter. The colony usually begins working again once spring begins.

Honey bees are important, but are facing a type of disease that is killing them off in large numbers. No one seems to understand why this is happening, though. The honey bee is so important to farmers that some usually rent colonies of bees to pollinate their crops from beekeepers.

Managing Honey Bees

These bees may build nests in walls, chimneys, and attics. If threatened they will sting. If a honey bee nest is located near your home it is best to call a professional. You should first try to locate local beekeepers. Honey bees are essential to our environment and if there is any way to remove the nest without killing the bees this method should be taken.

It is important to remove honey bees and their nest if it is located in walls or near your home. There is always a threat of attack and the honey comb may melt which can allow honey to seep through walls and cause expensive damage.

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